Create Content and Get Paid


Become A Creator

You do not need to have any relevant experience or hold any particular qualifications, but you do need to:
  1. Possess excellent creativity

  2. Have a keen eye for detail

  3. Show a passion for content creation

  4. Stay on top of trends


Be Creative

List-driven written features are our bread and butter. But we'll also consider Video submissions or News pieces.
  1. Film, TV, Gaming, Sport & More

  2. Recommended minimum 1500 words for lists

  3. Have your work published

  4. Share it on Facebook/Twitter


Revenue per 1,000 views

You will earn revenue for every article that is published.
  1. News or List-based articles considered

  2. No limit on articles published

  3. Must be 100% original content

  4. Paid out via PayPal



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