5 Things the Joker can do that Batman can't

"The Batman has no constraints." That's not only a cool thing for Christian Bale to snarl on camera, it's a quite fair appraisal of Batman's authoritative range of abilities. He's a near top notch military craftsman, a ninja ace, a splendid researcher, an effective industrialist, and, as you might've heard, he's likewise the World's Greatest Detective. There are not very many things he doesn't exceed expectations at, and even less that he can't do by any stretch of the imagination. 

They do exist, notwithstanding, and there's one character who can do a lot that Batman can't: the Joker. As Batman's most outstanding adversary, he essentially must have what it takes to keep the Dark Knight on his toes. From skirting directly over the lines that Batman won't cross to one of a kind aptitudes that exist for underhandedness, from his affinity for the twisted to his inquisitive skill for coming up short at something, here are the things that the Joker can do that Batman just can't.

5. Rack up a body count

While there have been a lot of stories throughout the years where the Dark Knight utilizes deadly techniques in his battle against wrongdoing, the possibility that Batman doesn't slaughter individuals has been a quite strong general guideline in funnies since 1941. Not adventitiously, that is about as long as the Joker's been killing individuals by the dozens. In Batman #1, the comic that contains the Joker's first appearance (and actually his second, on the off chance that you ever need to win a tricky random data challenge), the Clown Prince of Crime figures out how to kill no less than twelve individuals through a mix of toxic substance and great antiquated handguns. 

That essentially set the tone for the following 75 years, and despite the fact that he put in a couple of years concentrated more on bank thefts and trick wrongdoings, he's more than compensated for it in the years since. The DC wiki even has a running count that puts his body check at more than 540 on-board passings, with 140 of those occurrence since 2011. It's not simply amount, either, with prominent passings like Jason Todd, the second Robin — which was later retconned — and Sarah Essen, Jim Gordon's second spouse. With each one of those twos, you'd think Harvey Dent was the one answerable. 

There's no other Batman miscreant with a body tally that even approaches. Truth be told, in the event that you don't tally enormous dangers who have decimated whole parallel universes, there are no miscreants in the whole DC Universe who have even approached through individual demonstrations of brutality. Regardless of whether Batman was an executioner, it's difficult to accept he'd go that far.

4. Recruit a truly disturbing sidekick

Since his introduction as the thrilling character find of 1940, Robin has been synonymous with the plain thought of the sidekick, motivating imitators like Speedy, Bucky, and innumerable others. He isn't, be that as it may, an extremely scary sight. Obviously, he's not intended to be. Terrorizing is Batman's activity, and Robin's is to be the brilliant partner to his dimness — or, you know, to draw fire in the event that you don't have a craving for being magnanimous about it. 

The Joker, then again, is unique. He's actually a homicide jokester who invests the majority of his energy formulating progressively showy murders, so you'd think he'd have a sidekick who was somewhat less frightening. What's more, he did, in the long run, when Harley Quinn was presented during the '90s. His first enlist, in any case, was Gagsworth A. Gagsworthy, and he turned out to be alarming, most definitely. 

Presented in Batman #186, Gaggy was a "displaced person from the bazaar" who spruced up in a youngster estimated harlequin ensemble and assisted with some generally unremarkable thefts. Gaggy's entire arrangement was that he would cover up in the rafters and afterward drop down onto somebody's shoulders and endeavor to gouge out their eyes while saying things "his veil's so tight — gotta wriggle my fingers under it!" And the most exceedingly bad part? Gaggy's still out there… some place.

3. Drive telepaths insane

Considering he's somebody whose whole source is worked around youth injury driving him to focus on an actual existence of altruism and vicious encounters, we'd envision Batman's cerebrum isn't actually a wonderful place for a mind-peruser to be. All things considered, he's never made somebody crazy just by giving them a look inside his mind. We know somebody who has, however. 

On various events, the Martian Manhunter — you know, the person with the majority of Superman's forces in addition to he can turn undetectable and read your psyche, and who keeps the whole Justice League clairvoyantly connected — has been gone up against with Joker's cerebrum. It went poorly. Once, he needed to physically reshape his very own cerebrum with the end goal to understand what he was seeing, and when he took the Justice League into the Joker's brain, they were exposed to what appeared long stretches of torment in the range of seconds. 

It's not simply humans who have that issue, either. When he entered the Joker's psyche to decide if he was fit to confront judgment, the Specter — the exacting encapsulation of God's rage — was overwhelmed to the point that the Joker could quickly take his forces. In the long run, the Specter got them back by quickly giving the Joker precisely the kind of soul he needs, and the Joker was so overpowered by the awfulness of what he'd done that he was stunned into a state of extreme lethargy. The way that he can hold up under that load under ordinary conditions without even a trace of prevention should reveal to you exactly how much his mind influences any individual who takes a look.

2. Save face

Batman is human. Without a doubt, he's fit for whatever stunning accomplishments a comic book maker can envision, has the sort of boundless fortune that can just exist in fiction, and possesses a munititions stockpile that (even at its most fundamental) incorporates a rocket-controlled super-vehicle, however underneath everything, he's only a man. It's a colossal piece of his allure, that there's dependably that defenselessness to him, regardless of whether we never really observe it. Therefore, we as a whole go into a Batman story with the implicit assention that in the event that he was to, for instance, have his face cut off, he would likely kick the bucket. 

You likely know where this is going now. In 2011, when the DC Unvierse rebooted as the "New 52," the real, legitimate to-God first thing that the Joker did was have a lowlife named the Dollmaker cut his go head to head, and after that he cleared out it attached up on a divider in Arkham Asylum. Why precisely he did this was never completely explored (although it was clarified in detail how it became back later, and truly, it included enchantment metals from another measurement), however he spent the following couple of years probably not having a face. 

Significantly more odd? When he appeared for a greatly lethal hybrid called "Passing of the Family," he wore his disjoined face as a cover, holding it on with cowhide ties. That is odd. So odd that regardless of whether Batman could do it, he most likely shouldn't.

1. Keep his sidekicks alive

What, too early? 

See, we prefer not to state it, yet Batman doesn't have a perfect reputation with regards to his sidekicks. Jason Todd had his cerebrums slammed in, the Spoiler was tormented to death with a power bore by Black Mask, Sasha Bordeaux was shanked in jail. Indeed, even his very own child Damian kicked the bucket, which ended up making Batman so insane that he found Frankenstein to make sense of how to breath life into cadavers back. Indeed, every one of the four of those individuals returned to life in the end — regardless of whether it took an entire 20 years for Jason's situation — yet despite everything they experienced such stuff, and passed on to the extent perusers were concerned. 

Be that as it may, the Joker? Accept or not, he's doing great. Harley Quinn isn't just alive, she's additionally turned out to be one of DC's most famous (and attractive) characters over the past couple decades, with numerous progressing arrangement that have kept going longer than the Joker's at any point did. Hell, even Gaggy's as yet alive in the distance in the Multiverse — he was in funnies as of late as 2009! Batman couldn't keep Robin alive, however the Joker figured out how to keep Gaggy god forsaken' Gagsworthy around for a long time! On the off chance that that is not eminent, we don't realize what is.

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