5 Biggest WTF Comic Book Moments From 2018
Marvel and DC didn't pull their punches this year.

Over the numerous times of comic book stories, both in Marvel and DC, there have been various 'WTF' minutes; Bane crushing Batman's spirit, Norman Osborn driving the Avengers, the nineties - these are nevertheless a couple of the incalculable occasions that have figured out how to stun and amuse comic book perusers in equivalent measure. 

However, regarding single years, 2018 has been stick stuffed with WTF minutes more than most. Regardless of whether they be regardless, agreeable or not, all them have figured out how to amaze perusers somehow. 

With fizzled weddings, stun passings and much all the more stunning endings, here are the minutes in 2018 where the medium neglected to pull its punches.

5. Captain Marvel's New Origin

In Carol's latest book, the Life of Captain Marvel, the courageous woman comes back to her youth home to make up for lost time with her mom and her residual sibling, Joe Jr., however it isn't as exhausting as it sounds. 

The presence of outsider warriors aside, while investigating the house, Carol finds some old letters which uncover that her dad was having an unsanctioned romance with another lady. However, in the wild world that is Marvel, this isn't a lot of a stun. What most certainly is, be that as it may, is the way that this lady was in reality simply Carol's mom, yet in her actual Kree frame, instead of the human camouflage that everybody knew her by. 

Truly, in a great wind, Carol was uncovered to have been half Kree this whole time, with the mind magnetron that as far as anyone knows gave her forces just being the impetus which initiated them. 

This all comes before the arrival of the film, something which likely incited this adjustment in the character's mythos.

4. Justice League Worshipped As Gods

At the point when the universes Brainiac had detained were discharged into what is presently known as the 'Apparition Sector', civilisations that hadn't had any off-planet contact for a long time were abruptly flung into a biological community in which the closest planet was nevertheless a short flight away. 

All things considered, when this new part of the Justice League touched base in the zone, it was absolutely a shock for both them and the peruser to find that Cyborg, Starfire and Azrael were being adored as divine beings in religions that had apparently existed for quite a long time, if not longer. 

The significantly more abnormal thing is that the individual who called them three to the area is the most current manifestation of Darkseid, who trusts the trio to be the Old Gods that his race (the New Gods) supplanted. 

Obviously, at just two issues in, Justice League Odyssey is turning out to be something extraordinary.

3. The Return Of Wolverine Changes Laura's Name

The way that the first, Earth-616 manifestation of Logan returned isn't stunning at all truly - it's all the more simply its planning. 

While it's difficult to deny that Howlett is one of Marvel's untouched greats, the character's successor, Laura Kinney (X-23) was extremely making her mark as the most recent individual to take up the mantle of Wolverine. With her performance arrangement, All-New Wolverine, and additionally her appearances in X-Men Red, she had more than ended up being a commendable substitution. 

Along these lines, while Logan's arrival itself may not be amazing in the smallest, the sudden downgrade of Laura back to a label she was given toward an incredible beginning is extremely only a smack in the face to any individual who had put resources into her amid the first's nonattendance.

2. The Ending Of Mister Miracle

And in addition being a fabulous end to one of, if not the, best arrangement of 2018, the consummation of Mister Miracle positively left numerous with a few inquiries. 

As indicated by the tweet announcinng the comic the distance back in May of 2017, Mister Miracle is set in the DC coherence, yet the setting encompassing where and when the story is really set is to some degree a puzzle. 

There are two fundamental hypotheses that can be derieved from essentially perusing the book, specifically that Scott (Mister Miracle) has either imgined the entire thing in his diminishing minutes, the character having endeavored suicide toward the start of the story, or has been accidentally caught in a false reality by individual new god, Metron. 

In any case, it doesn't generally make a difference all things considered (as said by Tom King himself), with the arrangement being totally splendid and all, however it does make you ponder: what on earth occurred?

1. The Wedding

In contrast to most different passages on this rundown, this one just stings. 

After the disaster that was the Spider-Man One More Day story, you would believe that funny book essayists would have took in their exercise with regards to hero relational unions - to be specific, giving them a chance to occur and not retconning it later. 

However, this ended up being the situation with the fiftieth issue of Tom King's Batman, which should see the Bat and Cat getting married, yet rather observed the last of the two discarding the previous - something which is either extremely uninspiring (in the event that you needed to see Bruce at last have some bliss) or an ideal portrayal of the idea of the match's relationship.

Whatever your sentiment, it is pleasant to see DC or Marvel really focus on one of their huge characters getting hitched in their fundamental progression, with an also dreary wedding having occurred just seven days after the arrival of this Bat-book in X-Men Gold.

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