5 Video Game Locations You Didn't Know Actually Exist
Milan, via Lordran.

The transportative idea of computer games implies that even the most separate of players who've never to such an extent as left the place where they grew up, not to mention their nation of origin, have ventured to every part of the whole world. Traversing from LA Noire's Los Angeles to Persona 5's Tokyo and wherever in the middle of, a control cushion has been an identification for endless slothful gamers. who've possessed the capacity to cross the whole globe from the solace of their lounge chair. 

We as a whole know Liberty City is a marginally more hazardous New York City, and that Fallout 4's Commonwealth is a bomb-destroyed Boston. Be that as it may, there's an entire host of inconceivable true areas you've most likely visited from your lounge room without knowing it. Some of them not even on this planet!

5. Taiping Road (Street Fighter II)/ Chun Yeung Street (Hong Kong)

Despite the fact that there is a genuine Taiping Road in Qingdao, China, the all around p*ssed against dividers of Chun-Li's Street Fighter organize are really founded on Hong Kong's well known wet market along Chun Yeung Street. 

A short stumble on the eastward ding - the city's charming moniker for their old cable car framework - to North Point brings you out onto an energetic market inundated with unbelievable sights and scents. There even used to be a Xiamen Meat Company in the city - indistinguishable to that one found out of sight of Chun-Li's China.

4. Da-Chao Statue (Final Fantasy VII)/ Leshan Buddha (Sichaun, China)

Standing nearly 71 meters tall, the Leshan Giant Buddha, worked around the turn of the ninth century, is by a wide margin the world's biggest Buddha cut from stone. It's each of the excessive, truly. 

Last Fantasy VII's Wutai - viably an amalgamation of Japan and China - highlights its own mammoth statue dependent on the huge Buddha of Sichaun, that of Da-Chao. Just he's touching, for reasons unknown.

3. Anor Londo (Dark Souls)/ Il Duomo Di Milano (Milan, Italy)

At the point when Dark Souls' planner Masanori Waragai visited Milan, he envisioned that it'd be so inconceivable to stroll over the flying supports of the city's notable Duomo. 

When it came to making his exhausting, Gothic'em up, he didn't pass up on the chance to make it a reality; Anor Londo's focal point is a relatively correct copy of its Italian motivation. It's a considerably less fun occasion goal, however.

2. Café Calavera (Grim Fandango)/ Rick's Café Americain (Casablanca, Morocco)

Bit of a cheat this one, as it's an anecdotal area dependent on an anecdotal area, which later turned into a genuine one. 

Rick's Café was opened in Casablanca, Morocco in 2004, intended to duplicate Humphrey Bogart's well known watering gap from the motion picture named after the city. The Moorish curves and fabulous piano of Café Calavera, from Tim Schafer's noir perfect work of art Grim Fandango, obviously coordinate Rick Blaine's stylistic layout. Both are an ideal place to unwind as time passes by

1. Altissia (Final Fantasy XV)/ Venice, Italy

Last Fantasy XV's Altissia couldn't be any more Venetian on the off chance that it was an arrangement of slatted blinds. 

Everything from Italy's 'City of Masks' is dependably recreated in Square-Enix's Accordo partner, from the excellent extensions and undulating gondolas directly down to the unmistakable red and white briccole. The main thing our egotistic band of siblings don't occur crosswise over in Final Fantasy XV's variant of Serenissima is a horrendous crowd of vacationers. They're very sufficiently unbearable.

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