5 Geniuses Who Were Secretly Behind Famous Wrestling Ideas
It turns out Chris Jericho isn't the man we thought he was.
Who truly thought of that thought? Not your most loved wrestler - that is who. 

Actually, while wrestlers are regularly capable, if not constantly empowered, to pitch thoughts to their bosses (dissimilar to, say, a postman), more often than not they are essentially following directions from above. 

Shawn Michaels didn't generally compose (or sing) his passageway music, nor was it Undertaker's plan to have his antagonized sibling appear in 1997. Randy Orton presumably wasn't the brains behind his Legacy stable, and Hulk Hogan didn't generally book himself to beat Kevin Nash with a finger-poke*. 

Be that as it may, who are the genuine brains behind these thoughts? What's more, do they merit somewhat more credit? The on-screen ability is the most imperative part of any wrestling appear, however those behind the window ornament have a task to carry out too. 

What's more, bear in mind: from time to time, the stars we hail for their singing virtuoso truly do concoct their own particular lines, or volunteer portray out a radical new match-type in their leisure time (which they can proceed to rule for the following 10 years).

5. The List Of Jericho: Jimmy Jacobs

Chris Jericho will clearly go down as one of the business' most imaginative personalities ever. 

The Ayatollah of Rock'n'Rolla has been in the wrestling amusement for well more than 20 years - but his on-screen persona has stayed new on account of his unrivaled capacity to reevaluate himself with each new edge. 

However, - here's something that may stun you - the Canadian wasn't the person who thought of the "Rundown of Jericho" idea that burst into flames a year ago amid his much-acclaimed kinship with Kevin Owens. Actually, it was the mind offspring of previous ROH star Jimmy Jacobs, who currently acquires his keep as an essayist in WWE. 

While Y2J might not have considered the thought, it's difficult to envision any other person on the program getting it over with a remarkable same achievement - so caps off to the them two, truly.

4. Elimination Chamber: Triple H

In the event that Hell in a Cell is The Undertaker's match, at that point the Elimination Chamber is Triple H's. The Game has contended in no less than six of them through the span of his profession - more than any of his counterparts - and he's likewise won somewhere in the range of four, dispensing with seven adversaries on the way. 

In addition, he even developed the match idea route in 2002 (which implies Eric Bischoff, who assumed the praise on-screen when he revealed the structure in front of Survivor Series, was only a messy fibber). 

"I drew a square confine and put four different squares in the corners," HHH later reviewed for a piece on the WWE site. "It's six folks. Two begin and at regular intervals, another pen opens and one more folks enters the battle, and everybody battles until there's one person left." 

Virtuoso - and that is the reason he's the man who stands to assume control over the McMahon realm when Vince bails

3. Royal Rumble: Pat Patterson

The Royal Rumble is such a staple of the wrestling timetable, such a splendidly basic idea, that it appears as though it could just have been structured by council, no single personality being sufficiently huge to have imagined it unaided. 

In any case, incidentally, absolutely wide of the stamp. It was really the mind offspring of debut Intercontinental Champion and long-lasting WWE essayist Pat Patterson, who envisioned it up all alone - probably - eventually amid the late 1980s. 

The way that Vince McMahon, evidently, took some convincing before he was set up to try it out just demonstrates that even the greatest prodigies sometimes misunderstand things (yet and still, at the end of the day he got it right at last).

2. Money In The Bank: Chris Jericho

In the kayfabe world, Chris Jericho - baffled that he didn't have anything to do at WrestleMania 21 - contributed the Money the Bank idea to Raw general director Eric Bischoff, and voila. The rest is history. 

What's more, that, apparently, is practically precisely how it went down in reality as well (with the exception of that it was real supervisor of Raw Vince McMahon, not his on-screen partner Bischoff, who gave him the green-light). 

Jericho basically thought of the thought with the goal that he, nearby individual upper-mid-carders like Chris Benoit, Kane, Shelton Benjamin, and Christian, would dependably have a fall-back choice heading into the greatest show of the year. 

He initially recommended that the victor be given a title shot the precise one night from now on Raw, however, and it was Vince who included the year rule.

1. The Shield: CM Punk

CM Punk says that he came up with The Shield, anyway - but CM Punk also says that he's never coming back to wrestling. And that can't be true... can it?

The Straight Edge Superstar made the claim during that appearance on The Art of Wrestling, the podcast hosted by his good friend Colt Cabana (on which he also, famously, burnt his bridges with nearly everyone associated with WWE).

He basically said that they - by whom he meant Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose (the decision to add Roman wasn't his) - were originally supposed to come in as his own personal heavies, after he balked at the idea of being backed up by Big Show and Daniel Bryan.

The extent to which the whole "Hounds of Justice" shtick was Punk's idea is perhaps less clear, but it seems the personnel, at least, was - partly - his doing.

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